Small Wars, Faraway Places: The Genesis of the Modern World 1945-65 (Macmillan) MICHAEL BURLEIGH - Historian and Writer
        Vividly written and stimulating ... The relief of reading history that is not suffused with infantile Leftism, patrician liberalism or romantic patriotism is immense. Instead we get the raw truth, conveyed in scintillating language by a master of historical irony and of the grimly entertaining. If history for grown-ups is what you're after, this is it. --George Walden, Book of the Week in the Sunday Telegraph

Superb, scholarly, insightful and often witty Michael Burleigh's magnificent book ends before Vietnam became America's literal and moral graveyard: not the least reason to hope for a successor volume is to read his interpretation of how that story played out. --Simon Heffer, Literary Review

Burleigh is an equal opportunity moralist, not an ideologue, and he stalks his prey with feline grace ... This is a story of personalities as much as one of geopolitical shifts, and Burleigh is a master of bringing it alive with sharp character insights. --Christopher Silvester, Financial Times

...a brilliant, complex, contradictory story, replete with character and incident, pungent and pithy and refreshingly free of preaching...--Ben Macintyre, Book of the Week in The Times

The violent geopolitical shifts of the immediate postwar years constitute a dramatic saga, which Burleigh recounts with panache and wit ... lucid and persuasive.
--Piers Brendon, Sunday Times

Burleigh is the don of elegant, historical writing and every vignette in this book is arresting. His ability to command his material is truly breathtaking ... damnably good.
--John Lewis-Stempel, Sunday Express

Terrific ... Burleigh writes with a keen eye for self-righteousness, hypocrisy and unintended consequences. He is quite brilliant at puncturing the vanities of history's great and good.
--Dominic Sandbrook, Evening Standard

Harsh and vivid
--Max Hastings, Financial Times

Magnficent and entertaining
--The Express

None of these stories is new, but the rich detail with which Burleigh writes, as well as his piercing analysis, makes them seem so. He nails his cast of politicians, generals and revolutionaries to the page in a series of ruthlessly observed character sketches ... as a description of the way imperial power drained from Europe to America, his book is quite brilliant.
--Keith Lowe, Mail on Sunday

...formidable intelligence, scholarship and  literary craft....
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